Go ahead and knock #5 off my Forty x 40 list!

kalbi marination

My first attempt at making kalbi!

Two nights ago I tried my first ever attempt at making Kalbi! I bought the short ribs at HMart in Federal Way and put the ribs in a marinade of diced onions and 7Up. After a few hours I drained all the liquid (keeping the onions) and then threw in my marinade of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame seed oil, honey, brown sugar and scallions. I let that sit over night and had two people try them.

The first person that tried them never had Kalbi before but loved it. I was happy but I wanted to see what a person familiar with korean food thought. Luckily my friend Eddie who’s Korean-American and has eaten a TON of kalbi was in town for business and came over for dinner last night.

He loved it as well!


I am making some serious headway on my 40 x Forty list – I am now on book 3 of the Harry Potter series!

And… hmmm…

After scanning the rest of the my list – I realized I have not gotten closer on anything else.


I have to get started. For this summer I will attempt to camp (#35), learn a new dance (#13), try to make daeji-bulgogi(#6) and daeng-jang-jigae(#7), and learn about my family history (#29)!

What do you want to do this Summer?


About franknam

Just a boy in a world trying to do good, teach others, laugh, and eat tasty food. I dig snowboarding, the PacNW, all things NYC, ultimate frisbee, and anything well-made.
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2 Responses to Kalbi!

  1. Sizzle says:

    This summer I want to go kayaking (again), see some Shakespeare in the park, try a hip hop class and go on lots of picnics.

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