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The Ultimate Summer = SEA + JFK + BOS + MSP + DUB

I know it’s only late March but I’m looking forward to the summer b/c of some travel plans I have. I’ll take each airport code in my title and discuss below: SEA – Seattle, WA – I live here so … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been?

Mea culpa for taking so much time b/w updates. To make it up, here’s a great photo I took tonight. Doesn’t that make you feel better? No? Fine – let’s continue. There are so many things to cover and catch … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the Occupy Movement

I’ll start with this great Calvin and Hobbes comic strip: I recently watched this video on TED by Richard Wilkinson – “How economic inequality harms societies”. Please take a look when you get a moment. Some highlights: In terms of … Continue reading

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Hip Hop You the Love of My Life

I remember listening to Run DMC as a middle school kid in suburban New Jersey. My brother and his friends would blast King of Rock and You Talk Too Much while quoting lyrics all the time. That’s when I started my love/obsession with … Continue reading

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Empire State of Mind

This video has some of my favorite things: Beautiful women, great music (Jay Z & Alicia Keys), and shots of my favorite city in the world! Executive Producers Life + Times, Devin Chanda and Dustin Nakao-Haider for Scheme Engine and Directed … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the tragedies of September 11. I still remember driving to work very early 10 years ago and getting a call from my then-girlfriend about how her boss (she worked in the Seattle office of … Continue reading

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Messenger Bags and NYC

If you know me well you’ve probably seen me with an old black Manhattan Portage messenger bag strapped over my shoulder. In fact, during college, a friend of mine made a cartoon of me and in it I had on … Continue reading

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