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Vote for Marination Mobile in the Great Food Truck Race!

Marination Mobile is a current food truck in Seattle. I started going a ton when they first opened and have a pretty good relationship with the two founders Roz and Kamala. They reside in the south end and are going … Continue reading

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To the Moon and Back

I got into my car earlier this evening and headed home. Half-way there I was waylaid and forced to detour. Not by pirates or thieves but by the moon. Did you see her? I have only seen the moon this … Continue reading

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Tristan und Isolde

This Saturday is going to be my first foray into the world of opera. Lisa is taking me to see Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde. Last night we went to a pre-opera lecture with Speight Jenkins who is the General Director. … Continue reading

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YCC 2010 – Hitting for the Cycle

I got back last night from an extended weekend trip. Most extended weekend trips sound relaxing. Maybe you think I went to a beach resort? Or perhaps you believe I went back home to NYC to re-establish my floundering relationship … Continue reading

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Not to brag but back in 3rd grade I was pretty famous. I was on a local cable show in Lyndhurst, NJ for winning a highly scholastic competition. The local library had a contest every year to ┬ásee which kid … Continue reading

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