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Giving Back This Fall

An Executive Director of a non-profit that I admire greatly recently asked me to meet for coffee/drinks. We met and shared good food, tasty drinks and enjoyable conversation. Towards the end I was asked if I’d consider joining their Board … Continue reading

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Get Involved This Spring!

Do you work for Big Oil, a bailed-out bank or GE? Feel bad about your lack of participation in helping those around you? Just win the lottery or have time on your hands? If you answered yes to any of … Continue reading

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Boy’s Group with Treehouse

For the past 11 months I’ve been spending each second Wednesday volunteering with some other men from Seattle Works at Treehouse. The program is called Boy’s Group and it’s basically a chance for young men in foster care to interact … Continue reading

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Today was a good day. It was a good day because even in the midst of heartbreaking recent events there are beacons of hope burning bright. I was reminded of this hope a few times throughout the day and for … Continue reading

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