Here are my favorite links:


Sizzle Says – a good friend of mine who write with sass and honesty.

angry asian man – a great source of asian-american news, humor, and activism.

DISGRASIAN – kind of like angry asian man but hotter. WAY hotter. Jen Wang and Diana Nguyen.

8asians – kind of like angry asian man and DISGRASIAN but it’s a collaboration of 15 bloggers. 15x the power!

publicola – a blog about Seattle run by journalists.

West Seattle Blog – one of the best neighborhood blogs in the US! Not kidding. And they’re my next door neighbors!

Snocon Blog – The official blog of one of my favorite snowboard shops in Seattle: Snowboard Connection!

evo blog – The official blog of another one of my favorite snowboard shops in Seattle: evo!

the iPhone blog – There are a ton of blogs about the iPhone/iPad/iTouch out there. This one is the best!

Seattlest – Great blog about events and food and fun in Seattle written by Seattle residents!

Eater Seattle – Great food/restaurant/cocktails blog. Puts out great reviews and articles and lists!


City Year Seattle – The official blog of my employer

City Year – The official blog of the national site.

826 Seattle – One of my favorite non-profits in Seattle! I sit on the board and try to help.

Treehouse – The first non-profit I worked for. Delivering enrichment and education opportunities to youth in foster care.

DiscNW – Another non-profit I worked for. They are a regional resource for ultimate (frisbee) players in the Pac-NW.

Seattle Works – I just joined their board in Jan of 2011 and have been volunteering with them for over two years (w/boy’s group at Treehouse and for Seattle Works Day). Have some free time on your hands and want to do a service project with other like-minded 20 and 30-somethings? Check them out!


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