Why I Volunteer

Last night I drove over to the Seattle Center’s Memorial Stadium to witness the very last cohort of Seattle Public Schools’ high school graduates. I went to celebrate the Franklin High School Class of 2011 and give specific congratulations to some of my ultimate frisbee kids. BIG BIG BIG shout out to DJ, Lynn, Sally, Briana, Jennifer, and Reuben! They did something that fewer and fewer kids are doing every year. They graduated from high school!

This morning I drove over to El Centro De La Raza to join in the kick-off celebration for Seattle’s Families & Education Levy. Former Mayor Norm Rice was there and it was fitting since he’s the original creator of this particular levy 20 years ago. Mayor McGinn along with the city council have added more money to the levy this year than ever before and it’s up for ballot this coming November. (VOTE YES PLEASE!)

During the event Mayor Norm Rice stated that if he had only one dollar, he would use that money for education and I completely agree.

It doesn’t take a million dollars or a famous politician to make a difference. This past week I wrote a small congrats post to the Franklin HS Class of 2011 Graduation Facebook event wall and got this sweet message from one of my kids in reply:

“Thank you Frank! I’m honored to have had you as a coach. Since sophomore year, you have supported and guided me through Ultimate; and have taught me many lessons that I will apply in future life.”

Wow. I’m not putting this up to brag – I’m putting this up because I’m so floored by her comment. I have no idea what I’ve taught her but I know that I’ve been there for her and I’ve watched her develop into an amazing young woman.

I love volunteering and working with kids. The rewards are remarkable and humbling and amazing.

Congratulations Class of 2011! I am so impressed by all of you and look forward to reading amazing stories about the things you’ll accomplish and the lives you’ll lead.


About franknam

Just a boy in a world trying to do good, teach others, laugh, and eat tasty food. I dig snowboarding, the PacNW, all things NYC, ultimate frisbee, and anything well-made.
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