Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Back in December 2013 I performed a story in front of a live audience about coaching at Franklin High School. Check out the finished product and let me know what you think!


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On the Cusp of Something Big

There’s 10 days left in 2012 and soon enough we will be in a new year. A new year in itself is cause for introspection but 2013 will be a big one for me. I’ll be turning 40 in about a month and a half into the new year and although I’d like to think that’s not a big deal – it is.

Before jumping into 2013 let’s review 2012 using some familiar categories:


  • My kids (Franklin HS Boys) finished with a 17-3 record. We lost to only one team – Northwest School – by 4 points in each game. The last one was for the state championship and it was the most exciting by far. We were down 3-9 and rallied back to 9-9 before succumbing 11-15. I won COTY and one of my seniors won Co-MVP in the state and we won the Seattle Public School title.
  • I decided to coach the Seattle Mixed team at USA Ultimate’s Youth Club Championships this past summer and we took second. We lost to a strong Boston team in the finals and this was the best finish ever for a Seattle Mixed team.
  • I got to travel to Dublin, Ireland to see Henry and Tiffany Phan compete on the US national U20 team at World Juniors Ultimate Championships. The boys won gold and the girls took home silver medals! It was my first time in Europe and I traveled with my good friend Sam Terry. I also got a chance to spend 30 hours in Edingburgh, Scotland during Fringe Festival and spent 3.5 hours in Amsterdam during a long lay-over. I am definitely going back!


  • In my Individual Development Plan last year I wrote three things: 1. apply for Seattle’s Leadership Tomorrow program and 2. apply for City Year’s LEAD program. 3. Apply for a director position in a new Regional Recruitment model at City Year. Both leadership programs are competitive and would introduce me to some great programming and even greater networks. The new job would give me a better chance to manage a team and do some more work in that arean. At best, I thought I’d get one of these things. Little did I know I’d get all three!

Leadership Tomorrow takes a 1/3 of their candidates from non-profit, for-profit and civic backgrounds. It’s a program that drives to build greater future leadership to combat regional issues surrounding education, economy, health & wellness, basic needs, arts & culture, neighborhoods & communities, and the environment. LT has not failed in my expectations for greater networking. City Year Seattle was a recipient of a $5,000 grant b/c of a relationship I built during my time. (Thanks Century Link and Theresa!) The programming has been strong and educational but by far my favorite part is the great relationships I’ve been building. I encourage all my friends to consider this program for themselves.

LEAD City Year has also been great but more specifically for my career at City Year. I get to check-in monthly with Charlie Rose (one of my favorite people in the world) who is the Dean of CY and a Senior Vice President. I get to travel to Boston 4x this year for specific leadership development. I get to interface with the Senior Leadership of CY. It’s pretty amazing and I’m surrounded by some spectacularly smart and passionate colleagues. 

Within City Year I’m now the Regional Director of Admissions for the West Coast Region. I love my new job and I get the privilege of managing a remarkable team of admissions and admissions-operations managers. My team and I handle the admissions framework for Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento and Seattle! Love it!


  • It seems every year is filled with ups and downs and 2012 was no different. I already talked about many of my “ups” in the two categories above. I’ve also had a number of “downs”.
  • My friend Geneva McQueen passed away this year after she sustained a serious injury while snowboarding with her husband and friends at Stevens Pass. She is one of the most colorful and adored and passionate people I’ve ever met. She made friends from all different social circles, cared passionately about kids with less resources, worked tirelessly to make a greater life for her and her husband and was a great friend. She will be missed.
  • My mom had some serious bouts with her health this summer and I spent a week or so back home at New York Columbia Presbyterian. She already has Evan’s Syndrome and now also has some rare liver disorder. She’s much better now but every day and every month is something I’m thankful for. Even when she is bugging me about marriage and grand-kids. Sheesh.

On top of all these things – 2013 will be remembered for Obama’s re-election, the passage of marriage equality laws in WA (and 2 other states), abd the horror of Newtown, CT. I can only imagine what the upcoming year will hold for me and my community but I look forward to it. I’ll save my thoughts on turning 40 for another post.

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Worlds Colliding

I’m famous!

Well, sorta. A story was recently published on The International Examiner about me and the HS kids I coach at Franklin! You can find the article here:

The crazy thing is when I first found it posted on-line it looked like this:

The ad at the bottom is for the company where I had my first job out of college. I used to find lottery winners so our firm could buy their lottery payments from them for lump sums (before lotteries started making that an option). What a blast from the past!

Speaking of the lottery, I did NOT win the Mega Millions. I know. It sucks. Oh well.

If you won the lottery – what? Oh, you thought I was going to ask you what you’d spend it on?

I don’t care.

I’d rather hear about who’d you’d call first to brag about it. Arch-enemy at work? Old teacher who gave you an F? Ex-lover/husband/friend?

Ok, that’s not true – I want to know what you’d spend it on. Damn, I’m so unoriginal.

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The Ultimate Summer = SEA + JFK + BOS + MSP + DUB

I know it’s only late March but I’m looking forward to the summer b/c of some travel plans I have.

I’ll take each airport code in my title and discuss below:

SEA – Seattle, WA – I live here so it’s no surprise to anyone (I hope). Seattle summers are amazing and it’s hard to leave during this season. 80 degree temperatures, almost no humidity, sunsets at 9pm, etc.

JFK – New York, NY – I have to go to Boston in July for work so I always try and stop by at home before that. It’ll be good to catch up with old friends and family but I AM NOT looking forward to east coast humidity.

BOS – Boston, MA – I would never travel to this city (BOO RED SOX!) if it wasn’t for work. We have a huge Summer Academy where all the different City Year sites send their staff and Senior Corps to Northeastern University for a week or so. Not looking forward to the heat/humidity but I am looking forward to some great friends I’ve made across the network!

MSP – Minneapolis, MN – Every year I go to Blaine, MN to take Seattle all-star teams to compete at youth club nationals for ultimate (frisbee). This year I am will be wearing two hats – as General Manger and as the Head Coach for the Mixed (co-ed) team! Hooray!

DUB – Dublin, Ireland – The co-captain of the HS team I coach made TEAM USA for Junior Worlds in Dublin this year! I’m super proud of him and I am working with some friends to make arrangements to fly out to root for him and TEAM USA! It’ll be right after the London Olympics end so we hope to also travel to the England and Scotland! Another player of mine is an alternate for the girls team so she may also get called up to go! I love that ultimate has opened up such amazing doors of opportunity for my kids!

How about you? What are your summer plans?

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Where Have I Been?


Sunset in West Seattle

Mea culpa for taking so much time b/w updates. To make it up, here’s a great photo I took tonight. Doesn’t that make you feel better?


Fine – let’s continue.

There are so many things to cover and catch you up on so we’ll start categorically like I did with my most recent posting.


Nada. Zip. Ninguno. Nyet. Zero. Next topic.


I had the opportunity to visit Boston for work in January for a Recruitment Supercharger and had a blast. I got there early to hang out with my friend Lynn and we took The Freedom Trail tour on Sunday. I strongly recommend it to anyone visiting Beantown. Definitely don’t travel there to watch any sports. Please.

I also joined the board of another non-profit called Seattle Works. I’m currently a member of the Social Media committee and may help with one of the classes they teach on non-profit leadership. If you have the hankering to volunteer on a service project on May 19th with me – let me know. I’ll definitely post more info on it soon.

826 Seattle is hosting our annual People Eating and Giving fundraiser on May 4th and it’ll include some heavyweights like Sherman Alexie (follow him on Twitter!), Jess Walter, Star Anna, Shelby Earl and Cristina Bautista. Better than that – there will be a song written and sung by one of our kids and it’ll make you laugh, smile and cry. Seriously. Let me know if you want to attend via my table!



Gelato + Cousin + Puffy Jackets

I was able to see my mother and brother and cousin during my trip to Boston. I flew into Newark, NJ first and spent a couple of days in NYC and NJ. It was good catching up with friends. I ate some great food, saw my friend Jillian Lauren in a play, checked out my cousin’s sweet apartment in Manhattan with a drop-dead gorgeous view of The Empire State Building, walked the Highline again, and had drinks with my friends Roz and Jared!


Weren’t you paying attention? I flew to NJ, NYC and Boston. Keep up will yah?


I’m not coaching this Spring since Boy’s ultimate moved to Fall. It’ll be my first spring in 9 years not coaching. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my extra time. Maybe you should set up some outings with me? Or if you live in NJ/NYC/Elsewhere – come fly out and let’s do something. I’ll be super bored. I know.


I’ve traded occupy for things like this, and this, and this:


Not my favorite state of the moment. I can’t think of a new state right now. Give me time and a map and a dart and I’ll think of something soon… As you can see, I’m losing steam. Let’s hope my second post of 2012 is much better than this. Hell of a teaser huh? #sigh

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