Fall or Autumn?

Fall/Autumn just started but you wouldn’t know it by the temperature here in Seattle. It’s supposed to hit 78 today! I’m not complaining.

When speaking of seasons we usually refer to them as




Fall? Autumn?

It’s odd that this is the only season that has two common names. What am I getting at? I have no idea. Sometimes you (the reader) will have to deal with whatever ridiculousness that enters my mind when I sit down to write.

I’m sorry about this.

Ok, I’m not sorry. Deal with it.

Some highlights this Fall/Autumn:


High school boys ultimate has moved to the Fall this year and Franklin HS is 1-1. We lost on universe point (game point/sudden death) to Nathan Hale HS 11-12 and it was largely because we couldn’t stop one of their players who was out-jumping our player with best vertical. We also threw away a number of opportunities but I was happy to have the team tested early (unlike last year).

In the second game we had a chance to avenge our loss in last year’s Washington State Championships semi-finals loss to University Prep. We played much better than we did against NH and came away with 13-9 win!

I’m excited for the rest of the season and am also looking forward to having a non-coaching spring for the first time in 8 years in 2012!

Furthermore, south-end seattle ultimate (includes Franklin HS, Cleveland HS, Aki Kurose MS, and Mercer MS) is going to have two stories about them in the news this Fall/Autumn. First off we’ll have a story on the Seattle P-I and also one on Seattle’s NPR affiliate – KUOW! They’re highlighting the programs and the kids who’ve grown up in the south end playing frisbee. Can’t wait!

Bumbershoot – I also attended my very first large music festival this late Summer. I went to Bumbershoot for the first time in my 15 years here and had a blast. City Year had a table there and I had it staffed by some of the corps members but also came out to check-in on them. During that time I got to see two shows that I thoroughly enjoyed. The first was Shabazz Palaces. They had a great set and I really loved it when Thee Satisfaction came out for a song with them!

I also got to see my friend Hari Kondabolu’s comedy set on the national stage. He was hilarious as usual but the last comic they had was god-awful.

New Orleans – In 3 weeks I’ll be taking my very first trip to New Orleans and I’m super stoked about it! I’m attending during the Blues & BBQ Festival and I’ll be seeing two of my friends from City Year New Orleans and formerly from City Year Columbia/South-Carolina. Anyone have any tips about what I should do/eat/see while there?

All in all, it’s going to be a fun Fall/Autumn. I think I’m going to call it Autumn. Yep. That’s settled.

Happy Autumn everyone!


About franknam

Just a boy in a world trying to do good, teach others, laugh, and eat tasty food. I dig snowboarding, the PacNW, all things NYC, ultimate frisbee, and anything well-made.
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