East Coast Trip – Summer of 2011

I just got back from  a 9 day trip that took me to New Jersey, NYC, and Boston. The reason for the visit was a week long work conference called Summer Academy in Boston, MA (where City Year is head-quartered).

Luckily, I was able to get a multi-city ticket from SEA to EWR and returning from BOS to SEA. Some highlights:

Family – Got to see my mom, aunt and uncle. On top of that I saw and spoke with my brother for the 1st time in 3 years. We can take #26 off the list. We didn’t address the issue that caused all this but we did talk. That’s a start.

Friends – I saw Bum & Helen and their two kids. That was awesome. We ate at The Lot under The Highline and then the three of us had dinner later that night with Julie. We ate a Danji in Hell’s Kitchen. It was amazing! We had the sam-kyup-sal doobu-kimchi, the kalbi-jjim, yellow tail sashimi, spicy-honey-garlic wings, spicy pork belly sliders and kimchi-bacon-chorizo paella!

I also got to hang out with HKC and Chico. We ate at Mario Batali’s Eataly – specifically in their Pizza & Pasta restaurant. It’s a huge Italian food emporium right next to the Flatiron Bldg. Think of an Italian Whole Foods with multiple amazing restaurants built-in! We also ate at Shake Shack and threw the frisbee around at Central Park’s Great Lawn. Then we spent some time at a rooftop lodge called 230 Fifth. The views were amazing but the drinks were way over-priced. The service was pretty crummy too – we lost our waitress for about 15 minutes!

View from 230 Fifth Rooftop BarTasty Double Amber at Eataly!

Then finally I got to hang out with my Livingston friends Roz and Rajen at Pongsri Thai in Chinatown. Normally I don’t visit Thai restaurants outside of Seattle since we’ve got some great ones but I was very pleased by the food. We spent some time around Chinatown until I caught the Fung Wah bus to Boston.

Boston/City-Year – I spent the bulk of my time at Northeastern University’s International Village dormitory. Although most of my time was spent in workshops or with colleagues – we did get to visit a little. I was able to steal away with a friend of mine one night and visited Harvard’s campus and ate a japanese-fusion place with great outdoor seating and drinks!

Gorgeous Stained Glass Window

Lowell House at Harvard

All in all – it was a great trip seeing friends and family. I am so NOT used to east coast humidity any more. I had fun but I’m happy to be home in my own bed. Now if Seattle could do something about this rainy 65 degree weather…


About franknam

Just a boy in a world trying to do good, teach others, laugh, and eat tasty food. I dig snowboarding, the PacNW, all things NYC, ultimate frisbee, and anything well-made.
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3 Responses to East Coast Trip – Summer of 2011

  1. Wish I had a chance to see you in NYC!!! Glad you had good time Frank! Glad you talked to Pat as well!!

  2. 230fifth is my favorite placeee!!

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