How Many People Does it Take to Push a Car Down Rainier Avenue?

Apparently the number is 6.

Before I explain, let me set up some background for this post.

I spent most of yesterday playing ultimate with a number of youth players from the south end of Seattle. Many of them are my current kids at Franklin HS. We finished our last game around 4pm and I took four of them home. Normally when I take the kids home they always ask to stop at a McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Normally I oblige because I enjoy spending time with them but this time around I was a bit hesitant because I had a date I wanted to get ready for. (I will not be blogging about my date – sorry)

Against my better judgement I decided to take them to the Wendy’s on Rainier. We ate, shared stories from the day, and laughed quite a bit.

– Side-note: I forget how much food teenage boys can put away. I mean I did the same as a boy but seeing it now is crazy. One kid who shall remain nameless put away 5 burgers, an order of fries, and a soda. Dang.

Ok so back to the title of this post. We all hopped in the car and started south on Rainier. When we passed MLK Way we saw two girls pushing a car in the right lane. I felt bad but keeping my date in mind, I passed them in order to drop the kids off. That’s when one of the guys recognized the girls as two players from the opposing team of our last game! And furthermore – one of them is doing City Year! I recruited her and she’s awesome!

We made a quick u-turn and the boys all ran out of the car in order to help! The girls were surprised and delighted by their appearance and I followed them, hazards on, until we were able to push it to the Safeway about a mile down the street! It was fairly surreal to watch six people push a car down Rainier Avenue. I’m so proud of D, H, J and Z!

The passengers in the broken-down car exchanged gratitude and thanks and we were off on our way!

It’s amazing how karma works and how the universe helps people out. If I had not stopped at Wendy’s we would never have had the opportunity to do a good deed. Just goes to show you that it pays to be kind to others. The universe loves it when you do!


About franknam

Just a boy in a world trying to do good, teach others, laugh, and eat tasty food. I dig snowboarding, the PacNW, all things NYC, ultimate frisbee, and anything well-made.
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4 Responses to How Many People Does it Take to Push a Car Down Rainier Avenue?

  1. Sandra says:

    Frank, I always knew you were a good guy and now I think you’re a GREAT guy. What a great way to start a date.

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