Playing Catch Up

Well this blog hasn’t started quite how I wanted it to. I’ve been remiss about updating all of my readers on the very interesting details of my life. In reality you all haven’t been missing much but just to prove my point here’s a brief anthology of different topics that pertain to my life.

The Guy Who Cuts My Hair

Paul at Rudy’s in Fremont cuts my hair. I’ve spent a long long time trying to find someone that does a respectable job. I stopped looking once I met Paul. He’s a good guy and I look forward to my monthly cuts so much that I don’t mind the trek out to Fremont.

Aside on Fremont

Nothing against Fremont but it’s not my favorite place. I like Rudy’s for my haircuts, evo for clothing and snowboard goods, and … that’s about it. Check out evo though. Great store with an attached art gallery.

Back to Paul – The Guy Who Cuts My Hair

Paul plays the drums for a local band. I hope this band doesn’t do well. I know it’s selfish but if he became a rock star I’d be forced to spend another 12 years finding someone new to cut my hair. Anyways I got my hair cut today and we made the usual small talk. Paul is Filipino and Chicago and we talk about big cities and the fun things associated with being Asian-American men in our 30’s. He’s a good guy. I still don’t want him to become a rock star.

Coffee Shops

I guess some people will call these cafes but whatever. My life is so boring that a lot of my free time is spent at various local coffee shops in the Seattle area. For your reading pleasure here’s a quick review on some of my favorites and non-favorites.

Cafe Ladro – W.Seattle – This is the coffee shop I frequent the most. I don’t go there for the coffee or the baked goods. I go because it’s the closest one to home and open fairly late for W.Seattle.

University Zoka – U.District behind U.Village – This used to be the cafe I went to the most. The good coffee, tasty food, and good tables with lots of outlets makes it a winner. It’s super busy. That makes it sucky but that negative is offset by the high ratio of pretty darn attractive women who patronzie the place. Yes I’m a dog. Whatever.

Ok I’m done with the really poor and really short coffee place review list.

Physical Therapy

I feel the last two years of my life have been spent in physical therapy. Luckily I love my newest therapist. I won’t reveal her name in case someone reading this knows her but she’s pretty rad. It does bum me out though when I think about how many problems I’ve had physically (major and minor) over the last few years. From my ACL surgery to heel spurs to tendonitis… It seems I recover from one thing only to be afflicted by the next thing in line.

I used to joke in my 20’s how I’d never pick up golf until the day my body wouldn’t let me play ultimate anymore. Sadly I think that day is closer than I ever feared. Sucks.

Ultimate (Frisbee)

Ultimate and snowboarding probably define me the most in terms of what I like to do with my free time. I’ve been playing ultimate since middle school and really enjoy both playing and coaching it today.

I’ve been asked to play for a pretty darn good team this Spring and I’m not vain enough to think that I was asked for my playing ability. Rather it’s a group of people I’ve befriended lately who I get along with really well. Nevertheless I look forward to testing myself against REALLY good players this Spring.

Now only if my %#$#&#! body would cooperate by staying intact this year… One can dream.

The Wire

I’ve become a social hermit this past December because of this ridiculously good show on HBO. I watched all 5 seasons in less than a month. In fact when I finished the last episode of season 5 I was depressed. I think I’m still depressed. I should stop watching these damn shows that don’t last for more than 10 seasons. Deadwood burned me first and then Generation Kill teased me with just a handful of episodes before finishing. What the hell HBO???


Tomorrow is the Inauguration of Barack Obama. I read somewhere that he developed a facial tic during the election because of all the stress. His eye twitches here and there.

I also developed a facial tic this winter. I think it’s due to the stress of work, how my mom was doing last year, and all the physical ailments lately. The left corner of my mouth will twitch slightly every now and then. It’s weirding me out.

But knowing that Barack Obama has the same difficulty makes me feel better. Nevermind that whatever stress I had pales in comparison to running for President.

So that’s that.

You’re caught up.



About franknam

Just a boy in a world trying to do good, teach others, laugh, and eat tasty food. I dig snowboarding, the PacNW, all things NYC, ultimate frisbee, and anything well-made.
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One Response to Playing Catch Up

  1. sizzle says:

    I had a tic when I was super stressed out. The corner of my eye would pulse. It drove me batty. And then just as quickly as it appeared, it left. Weird.

    I’ve been depressed about Weeds. I’m dragging out Season 4 because I am not signing up for HBO which means I will have to wait a loooooong time to watch Season 5. HBO is a cruel bitch.

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